What Our Clients Say About Us

  • My first experience of working with Motiv8 was at our Island of Ireland Finance Day in May 2010 where Motiv8 presented to a team of over 120 finance professionals. In a very short space of time, Motiv8 made a very big impact on the people in the room through their engaging and energetic style and presentation format. Motiv8 exceeded our expectations so much that we brought them back again and again!

    The second time Motiv8 came to Diageo they did a high performance team building session for a group of 70 professionals (from around the globe) from the Global Audit & Risk Community. Enda McNulty and the Motiv8 teams knowledge of this subject is obviously very strong and again he delivered fantastically in the very short time-frame he was given to do this and always of the quality we were looking for. Motiv8 are really proactive and professional in their approach and are always 3 steps ahead.

    The third time Motiv8 worked with Diageo, they delivered a 2 day team building event in Delphi mountain resort for the Demand Finance team. Motiv8 captured us all and made us all believe that anything is possible and to follow your dreams.  Their ability to understand the team’s goals was great and from start to finish. Motiv8′s ability to transfer the learning from the outdoor activities into every day performance in Diageo was much better than any other company I have worked with.

    Barbara Brown, Global Audit & Risk, DIAGEO

  • Enda McNulty and his associates developed a programme for our Senior Management Team entitled “Conquering Your Own Everest”. The purpose of the programme was to unleash the potential both individually and collectively within our team. Enda used his personal experiences and achievements to help the team understand their own potential and to deal with perceived boundaries and obstacles.

    Surrounding himself with a team of experts on other aspects of performance such as motivation, fitness, relaxation, mental agility and goal setting this programme incorporated a very “holistic” approach to leadership and personal development and was conducted in an environment designed to develop trust, support and above all energy and positivity.

    The programme covered three days with the team spread over three months, supported with one to one meetings and individual coaching sessions also. We have found as a result of embarking on this programme that our team is stronger, more focused and committed to the delivery of both the business goals and their personal goals. Enda’s ability to understand and coach individuals towards their goals is truly inspiring and energising, his coaching and listening skills are some of the best I have ever witnessed and the team particularly benefited from his one to one sessions where Enda worked on personal and professional goals in a logical and powerful manner allowing many personal ambitions to be fulfilled through his facilitation.

    Joe Cronin, HR Director, Kellogg’s

  • I was very lucky to have worked with Enda McNulty and Motiv8 recently in my role with Hays and, from the brief amount of time I got to spend with Enda and his team; I would say that they are an organisation of the highest calibre and ethics.

    Enda in particular is an impressive individual, demonstrating great focus, dedication and professionalism in helping me organise a recent event.  At the event itself, Enda presented to a group of business leaders on motivation, leadership and teamwork and the feedback from the group was excellent.  From my own perspective, the messages that Enda and Motiv8 espouse are clear, simple and yet undoubtedly effective.  He has value to offer organisations of any type and size, leaders at any stage in their career and people at all levels.  I personally would welcome the chance to work with Enda again and hear more about how I might release more of my own potential and that of my colleagues.

    Mike McDonagh, Business Director, Hays Ireland

  • I first came into contact with Motiv8 through the company I work with. My company wanted to further develop its middle management team through energy, communication and teamwork. I found the experience to be very positive, and made me realise that I needed to adjust my work life balance in order to achieve my full potential both professionally and personally.

    The Motiv8 team helped me to set targets and stay focused on my goals and objectives. In the two years since first encountering Motiv8 I have continued to meet and stay in contact with them. I have found the overall experience to be eye opener, one that will benefit me and others around me in the future. While I realise that it not always easy to stay focused on your goals, Motiv8 has given me the support to stay focused.

    Mark Cormican, Area Manager of Operations, Elverys Sports

  • Our very successful business was in the process of down-sizing post the financial crisis. It was impacting staff morale as colleagues left and the size of the business reduced as the bank de-leveraged. Enda put together a well thought out program in New York, which focused on remaining staff staying positive, working together as a Team, collaborating and learning to deal with the new realities. The program was very successful and helped the Team significantly at a difficult time.

    Paul Carey, Managing Director, AIB Corporate Banking North America