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Bord Gáis – Who energises the energy providers?

Motiv8 of course!
We have just completed an exciting and highly successful 12 month programme with Bord Gáis Networks for 130 of their people. They asked us to collaborate with them on developing and delivering a transformational project for their people to help Bord Gáis become an energetic high performance team that delivers excellence in customer service.

Bord Gáis Project Manager Tracey Dempsey and colleague Liz Shouldice worked closely with Motiv8’s Marina Meehan to help develop a bespoke roadmap to facilitate the team. The programme started in March 2011 with a workshop led by Enda McNulty to energise and motivate the team to set goals and strive for excellence. Others from team Motiv8 helped along the way; including Avril facilitating a Q12 Gallup Poll; Dee covering importance of healthy eating and nutrition; Michael Dempsey providing master classes in leadership; Tony, Ciaran & Marina acting as team development facilitators, all ably supported by Kim back at Motiv8 HQ.

This was a great example of what Motiv8 does best –close collaboration with an organisation on their journey to a higher performance organisation. We like to think we acted as travelling companions on the beginning of that journey – providing support when needed and building confidence and capability in the Bord Gais team to continue on with the journey in a sustainable way.

But it was not all plain sailing; it is fair to say some of the participants, including some senior managers, were a little sceptical of this novel approach to team development. However as the programme progressed, confidence built up quickly and results become apparent. The early doubters are now the greatest advocates of how Motiv8 partnered with Bord Gáis and delivered “energy” to the energy providers!

Some of the quotes from participants sum it all up:

“Raised the energy”; “Everyone took something away”; “More a sense now of who we are”;

“Senior management cynical at first then really got into it”; “Enhanced self esteem”;

“It was a confidence building exercise”; “did it before – we can do it Again”;

“The games made everyone get involved and then they found they liked it”;

“Fact that people were never forced to do any of it; really helped”;

“People in the design team, now much more communicative and we feel more resilient to current changes”

And an extract from the Bord Gáis newsletter:

“In October we came together for a second facilitated session with Motiv8 Performance Excellence to continue our team building initiative. We used a Gallup Q12 Questionnaire Profiling Tool to recognise and showcase individual working styles which in turn would enable us to harness these styles in working together with a strong sense of team accountability to achieve our business goals and objectives. This Forum allowed us to learn about tools and techniques in depicting individual and team goals, some exercises unleashed some talented and artistic people, as well as providing an opportunity to offer support and encouragement to each other.

In 2012 we plan on extending the team building initiative to all workflow staff, facilitated by Motiv8. We will work through a process of accelerated action learning both indoors and outdoors to ensure that we are effective and cohesive in working together as a team.”

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