Joe McNulty Motiv8 Education and Sports Coach

Joseph is passionate that everyone can learn the skills to reach their potential. He believes these are skills all human beings share. However Joe believes that many of us can develop malfunctions which cause us to, as he so eloquently puts it; “play the game of life with the brakes stuck half-on.”

His passion is to explain the process that helps humans develop their own routine workout which will get them closer to their potential in sport, in business, in education and in life in general.

Joe has spent the last 20 years, reading everything he can get his hands on in relation to sports psychology or performance psychology. Understanding they are one and the same thing… There is no firewall between the mind that guides the sportsmen and the mind that guides the businessman or for that matter the man in his own family life.

Joe has a BA and Dip Ed from Queens University 1968.

Through his long teaching career, he inspired his pupils in St Paul’s High School, Bessbrook, and some time spent teaching in York Humber High School, Toronto in Canada gave him great insight into progressive teaching methods. Joe has also worked as development consultant, for the International Fund for Ireland and is the CEO of Intuit Consulting.

On being diagnosed with arthritis in 2001, Joe took up regular classes in Pilates with team Eccles in Newry. This was a truly fun and fortuitous turn of fate for Joe since now in his late 60s he is more flexible than in any other time in my life. Joe practices at least three full one-hour Pilates classes per week as well as a bit of homework!